Digital publishers should take native advertising into account as a strategy to increase their revenue. According to 2017 research, native advertisements might give publishers a ninefold increase in click-through rates. Native ad placements will account for 64% of all display ad spending in 2021, making them the leading kind of display advertising. Industry experts anticipate that spending on native advertising will reach $87.6 billion in 2022, increasing annually by 14.9%. Moreover, native ads platforms offer advertisements on websites that complement the content already there, maximizing potential ad income. Networks often receive a 50% share of advertising income. The conditions of each native ad network’s agreements vary from publisher to publisher.

Let’s explore what native ads platforms are and the different kinds of native advertising before getting into our list of the 7 top native ad networks.

Native Ads Platforms: What Are They?

Native ad networks are made to include adverts into content without interfering with the narrative or the user experience, giving websites an income stream without sacrificing their aesthetic appeal.

Since they are less invasive than display advertisements and may mimic content distribution services, native ads can attract greater CTRs. By using tools like live monitoring and A/B testing, the top native ad networks may help the original article reach new viewers and improve its search engine rating.

1. AdStyle


Publishers including Gannet, Albuquerque Journal, and Variety use the native ad network AdStyle, which offers 65 billion ad impressions each month. Based on user choices, it presents content ad recommendations and customizes to the publisher page. AdStyle offers a set of analytics tools for marketers to evaluate the success of creatives based on CTRs and conversions.

The self-learning engine of AdStyle provides visitors with pertinent and engaging content, enhancing visitor engagement and conversion rates for advertisers while also raising publisher income. A widget that a publisher may add to any desired pages, including AMP sites with quicker load times, is used to display native adverts on the publisher’s website.

The technology used by AdStyle loads asynchronously, thus the widget has no impact on how quickly the site loads. As long as the publisher has a minimum monthly income of $50, AdStyle distributes publisher payments net 30 days following the end of each month.

2. Taboola

Taboola: Native Ads Platforms

With more than a billion users across its entire affiliated media, Taboola is the most extensive native advertising network. Taboola native ads frequently take the form of a list of content suggestions, but they can also take the form of in-feed video sponsorships. Taboola employs a quality control policy to make sure that no advertisements that could harm the reputation of the publisher run on the host’s website.

Publishers and marketers may leverage Taboola’s actionable user data and A/B testing to gauge the success of content recommendations. It is efficient to increase CTRs by tailoring material to individual consumers, which in turn increases publishers’ revenue from their ad content.

The share of advertiser income that Taboola retains as payment for its service is agreed upon, and publisher payments through Taboola are made every month using the Payoneer money transfer service.


MGID: Native Ads Platforms

With a reach of 850 million and 185 billion monthly content suggestions, MGID is a native advertising network. The International Business Times, Newsweek, and Publishers Clearing House are a part of its publisher network. It provides a smart widget, sidebar advertisements, in-content ads, and also three different kinds of native ads.

MGID can engage users cleverly by using native movies and gifs in its widget. Besides this, monthly publisher payments for MGID are made, and a deal with a publisher determines MGID’s share of those payments.

4. TripleLift


The business TripleLift offers native advertisements as one of its many services. Websites like Buzzfeed, The Weather Channel, and eBay all make use of it. It provides a range of FDA-compliant native ad formats, including cinemagraph commercials, picture ads, scroll ads, window ads, carousel ads, reveal ads, and pharma ads. As they have softer motions and fewer elements, such as music or a pause button, cinemagraph advertisements are a little different from video advertisements.

Moreover, several pieces of advertising technology tools, such as Double Verify, News Guard, and Google’s Display & Video 360, use TripleLift. Moreover, it has its DMP and is integrated with demand-side platforms (DSPs). Publisher payments are available in three distinct time frames: 30, 60, and 90 days. Financial transaction fees are 2% for payments made within 30 days and 1% for payments made within 60 days. Besides this, there is no charge for the 90-day payments.

5. Adsterra


Adsterra is a native advertising network that receives 30 billion monthly impressions from 18,000 publications. Automated processes and a 100% fill rate streamline native ad installation for publisher inventory. Three tiers of protection, including internal and external third-party fraud detection technology and a human check, are in place to prevent fraud. There is also anti-ad-block integration available.

Moreover, pop-under advertisements, social bars, in-page push ads, native banners, video ads, and banners are just a few of the six various native ad types that Adsterra provides. Moreover, it offers a timely publisher payment mechanism that distributes payments twice monthly rather than just once.

6. Nativo


A “storytelling” platform called Nativo is dedicated to creating and patenting ad technology. Publications including Advance Local, Motor Trend, and the Los Angeles Times all make use of it. Nativo’s unique technologies, including ad serving, optimization, and reporting solutions, improve the performance of native ads on a publisher’s website.

Moreover, it includes tools for monitoring native ad performance and modifying the suggestions’ headline and design. Besides this, Nativo disperses publisher payments every month with a payout requirement of $100. Publishers that generate more than $100 in sales can also ask for their share of the advertising income early.

7. Plista


Plista is a native advertising network with 12,000 publishers and 60 million monthly users situated in Berlin. Also, it provides suggestions for material based on audience information and 40 distinct algorithms.

Although it still uses third-party cookies to collect data, it has begun to invest in other tracking technologies, such as hash identifiers. Its pricing model is based on CPCs, which is advantageous for publishers. Besides this, Plista also sends monthly payments to publishers.

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