Hey guys, in this article, we will discuss how to make money on Instagram with 1k followers? So keep reading.

Influence and reach provide a massive opportunity for every Instagram creator to gain more revenue(ROI), whether they need to earn free stuff and extra cash or build a territory.

The Followers Count You Want To Make Instagram Money

The solution for this question is based on:

  • The niche you are in and how you could connect it to a service or product category(food, beauty, fitness, and fashion are famous niches).
  • How you engage with your followers.
  • The type of revenue platform you choose.

Though famous Instagrammers make huge money per Instagram post, you can start making money even with 1K engaging followers.

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How To Make Instagram Money

Based on your brand content, your potential audience, and your commitment level, you could utilize the platform to start making money in these ways:

Work On Sponsored Content With Brands

Instagram influencers develop great reach online via sharing beautiful things online. Most brands on the platform join with influencers for sponsored content like stories and posts to share a word about products.

But it is not about your profile’s reach and follower count that every brand needs – it’s the engagement and trust with HQ(High-Quality) content.

What To Charge For An Instagram Influencer

Most influencers bring out content creation – a video, a post, a story, or Instagram ads and use the content on ads or their website with your permission. Most of the deals involve a fee, a service, a free product, a gift, or any mixture of these.

Influencers who have over 100K followers fee nearly $500 per post. And also, it’s crucial to know your audience well as an influencer.

Work As An Affiliate Marketer

Unlike an Instagram influencer, an affiliate marketer wants to invest more in bringing sales to the connected brand for a commission payment. It’s done with a unique promo code or a trackable link to determine whether clicks translate into sales.

Include a link in your stories using the Swipe-up feature or in your bio section. You could bring promo codes so you can bring money on variant angles.

Though it looks like a numbers game, you have an attractive chance of success via affiliate marketing and spreading your online activeness.

Start Your eCommerce Store

The exact way for any Instagram user to raise money is to connect with other businesses or sell out. Joining with another business or brand gets automatic Instagram likes monthly for your eCommerce posts.

You no need to care about texts from various businesses into your uploading strategy by selling your stuff. Followers could showcase their love by getting products from you.

A few ways to start emerging eCommerce stores are:

  • You could print and sell your coffee mugs, pillows, T-shirts, and more.
  • Also, you could sell various services such as photographs or consulting using a clickable link in the bio section.
  • You could sell digital items like ebooks, design templates, etc.

Create Instagram Shopping

Instagram introduced a massive feature in Instagram shopping, which brings the audience to shop your images and videos of your business easily on the platform.

You can decorate your online shop via making products or collections presented in themes such as gifts, seasonal trends, or new arrivals.

You could bring description pages(add prices or product info) for your products like an online store.

Sell Your Things Or Photos Online

Anyone gets famous on Twitter by telling 140 characters jokes, but Instagram is an image-sharing platform. Images are their assets that could be printed, licensed, and sold in various ways.

So you can sell your stunning images as print and with any product. For example, you can print your photos in mobile cases, coffee mugs, pillows, etc., fulfilling customer services.

Make Money With Your Content


It’s a perfect way to monetize your unique content. In 2021, Instagram introduced the IGTV ads in a few regions. These IGTV ads display when a user watches IGTV video from the feed of a creator. The video displays are nearly 15 seconds long and mobile-friendly.

The platform concluded that the creators would receive 55% shares of IGTV advertising, the same as YouTube. So, creators use the platform to earn more money from their unique content.

Live Badges

It’s a new feature, helping influencers and creators make Instagram money. Live badges are the tips you could get during a broadcast like TikTok and Twitch.

Users could get a badge during a live broadcast that appears in the comment section through this feature. Users could get:

Three hearts – $4.99
Two hearts – $1.99
One heart – $0.99

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